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Jon Xu

NOTE: As of June 2021, I am no longer in academia and will update this page at some point to reflect this. For now, please see my LinkedIn.

Address: Room 707B, Division of Mathematics, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, 6-3-09 Aoba, Aramaki-aza Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8579, Japan.
E-mail: jy#z.x#u@toh#oku.ac.jp (remove the #'s)

About Me

I am currently a JSPS overseas postdoctoral fellow (日本学術振興会外国人特別研究員) at Tohoku University, Japan.
Previously, I was a PhD student and casual tutor at the University of Melbourne.
My supervisor was Arun Ram (University of Melbourne) and my cosupervisor was John Bamberg (University of Western Australia).
My PhD Thesis studies flag varieties of Chevalley groups from the point of view of finite geometry.
In particular, it provides a combinatorial method to calculate the number of i-planes incident with a given j-plane inside a Schubert cell.
It also shows how key examples of ovoids arise as flag varieties, and provides a Schubert cell decomposition of the classical ovoid in Hermitian space.

I am generally interested in representation theory, combinatorics and finite geometry, some keywords are: